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Exobiologie Experiment

  • Michel Viso
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During the CNES sponsored mission “Perseus,” the experiment “exobiologie” has been flown in 1999 onboard the Russian MIR space station and exposed for 97 days outside the station (April 16–July 9). Samples containing chiral amino acid (leucine and alpha-methyl leucine) and peptides (leucine-diketopiperazine and trileucine thioethylester), mixed or not with montmorillonite or meteoritic powder, were deposited on windows of magnesium fluoride and exposed directly to the solar UV flux. Spores of Bacillus subtilis mixed with meteoritic powder were also exposed in cooperation with the DLR. As references, duplicates of the samples were placed in the instrument but hidden from the solar light as ground-based experiment was conducted.

Analysis of the material after the flight did not reveal any racemization or polymerization of the amino acids but did provide information regarding photochemical pathways for the degradation of leucine and of the tripeptide. Very thin layers of...


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