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Clinical Pathology, Animals

  • Arwid Daugschies
  • Jozef Vercruysse
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It is difficult to give an estimate of the (economic) importance of parasitic diseases at the world level. Firstly, this is because the effect of a particular parasitic disease may vary completely from one region to another. Secondly, our knowledge of some parasitic infections is based primarily on experimental infections, which often differ from natural conditions. Finally, appropriate data are missing for a number of diseases. Some parasites are known to induce severe, sometimes highly fatal clinical syndromes, and have a recognized economic importance. Most of the others only produce subclinical or even asymptomatic infections. However, it has now been established that such subclinical infections cause significant losses due to long-term effects on animal growth and productivity and increased susceptibility to other parasitic or bacterial/viral diseases. Some parasites, even when they are of minor pathological and/or clinical relevance in the animal host, are of...


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