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Trichuris serrata

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T. serrata is a nematode of the cecum and upper large intestine of cats and was first described by von Linstow (1879). Subsequent morphological descriptions have been inconsistent with some descriptions indicating that T. serrata can be distinguished from T. campanula, the other species in cats, by the presence of a vulvar projection and bacillary band and others indicating that size can be used to distinguish the species (Ng and Kelly 1975). It also has been postulated that there is only one species in cats (Bowman et al. 2002). Most hosts only have one Trichuris species, and, therefore, it has been suggested that T. serrata and T. campanula should be considered one species named T. felis.

Identification of Trichuris spp. is problematic due to the morphological variations within species. Callejón et al. (2013) and Kelzis et al. (2015), however, obtained helpful PCR characteristics to show that two different species exist.


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