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The genus of haemosporidian parasites, which parasitizes in mature thrombocytes and neutrophils, is found in the peripheral blood of host species belonging to diverse saurian families (Agamidae, Gekkonidae, Polychrotidae, Scincidae, Teiidae). The following species are described:
  • In Central and South America:

    F. biporcati, F. dominicensis, and F. poecilopi from lizards of the genus Anolis, F. thecadactyli from the lizard Thecadactylusrapicaudus, F. simplex from the iguanid lizard Plica umbra, and F. effusa and F. modesta from lizards Neusticurus bicarinatus and Tropidurus torquatus, respectively

  • In Australia:

    F. copemani in the skink Carlia rhomboidalis

  • In Thailand:

    F. siamense in the flying dragon Draco maculatus

  • In Saudi Arabia:

    F. arabica in Scincus hemprichii


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Further Reading

  1. Amoudi MA et al (2015) A new species of Plasmodidae (Coccidia: Haemosporidia) from the blood of the skink (Scincus hemprichii) in Saudi Arabia. Saudi J Biol Sci 22:312–316Google Scholar

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