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Smith, Theobald (1859–1934)

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Born in Albany (New York) as son of German immigrants he studied medicine. Due to his knowledge of the German and French language, he was able to read the papers of Pasteur (Paris) and Koch (Berlin), which stimulated him. He was one of the most important investigators of the Texas cattle fever (see Babesia species). Together with his colleague Kilbourne and Curtice he proved that ticks are vectors of this disease, which killed hundred thousands of cattle at that time in the USA, while Robert Koch and much later Schein, Friedhoff and Mehlhorn demonstrated the full life cycle of these parasites in the ticks. Smith is also considered to be the discoverer of the agents of the disease due to Salmonella enterica. In 1895 he obtained a Professorship at Harvard University and later (1915) at Princeton. Famous is his monography of the Texas fever, which appeared in the year 1893. He died in 1934 in New York.


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