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Roux, Emile (1853–1933)

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Emile Roux was a French physician who became specialist in bacteriology and immunology. He worked among others also in the institute of Louis Pasteur on chicken cholera (1879–1880) and later on rabies leading to the development of the first vaccination. In the years 1888–1890, he published together with Alexandre Yersin three papers on diphtheria showing that this bacterium produces a characteristic poison (diphtheria toxin) and proved that this bacillus (described by Krebs and Löffler) was really the agent of diphtheria. Together with Edmond Nocard he described in 1898 the first species of the mycoplasms (M. mycoides = the agent of the lungpest of cattle). Roux and Chaillou developed after Behring’s and Ehrlich’s finding an own antitoxin against diphtheria. From 1904 to 1933 he was director of the Institute Pasteur at Paris.


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