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Malaria Prophylaxis

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These recommendations for chemoprophylaxis are based on the yearly publications of the German Society of Tropical Medicine and of the WHO. In any case, an additional exposition prophylaxis is strongly recommended by use of mosquito repellents.
  1. 1.
    Region: Mexico to Panama:
    • No chemoprophylaxis recommended

    • Treatment: chloroquine (= Resochin®)

  2. 2.
    Region: Domenican Republic plus whole North and Central South America (except the three states of Guyana/Surinam):
    • No chemoprophylaxis recommended

    • Treatment: Atovaquone/Proguanil (= Malarone®) or artemether/lumefantrine (Riamet®)

  3. 3.
    Region: Surinam, two Guyanas:
    • Chemoprophylaxis: Mefloquin (= Lariam®) or atovaquone/proguanil (= Malarone®) or doxycycline

  4. 4.
    Region: Subsaharan Africa (with exceptions see below 5, 6):
    • Chemoprophylaxis: Mefloquine (= Lariam®) or atovaquone/proguanil (= Malarone®) or doxycycline

  5. 5.
    Region: Namibia/Northern South Africa:
    • Chemoprophylaxis: in mosquito season: mefloquine (= Lariam®) or atovaquone/proguanil (=...


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