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Heydorn, Alfred Otto (*1942)

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German Professor for veterinary parasitology at Free University of Berlin, 1985–2007. For the discovery of the basics of the life cycle of the Sarcocystis species, he received in 1974 together with Prof. Michael Rommel the highly recognized Robert Koch Scholarship – a considerably donated research prize. He worked as visiting Professor each a year at the Ankara University (Turkey) and at the Obihiro University in Japan. His long list of publications comprises basic insights in the life cycles and diagnostics of species of the protozoan genera Toxoplasma, Sarcocystis, Hammondia, Isospora, Cystoisospora, and Besnoitia. One species – Hammondia heydorni – was named by Jack Frenkel honoring, his intense contributions to the field of protozoan parasites (Fig. 1).


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