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Taeniasis, Man

  • Heinz Mehlhorn
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Taeniasis with T. saginata and T. soliumtapeworms (Taenia) in the small intestinal lumen is largely asymptomatic. Microscopic lesions have not been described, except for slight eosinophilia. However, after ingestion of T. solium eggs humans can act as intermediate hosts. The larval cysts develop in almost any tissue and can cause serious damage especially when they involve special areas of the brain (Cysticercosis).

Main Clinical Symptoms

Loss of weight, abdominal pain, anal pruritus.

Incubation Period

Eight weeks.

Prepatent Period

Eight to eighteen weeks.

Patent Period

Twenty-five years in man.


Occurrence of typical white proglottids in feces (Fig. 1).


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