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Host Cell Invasion

  • Heinz Mehlhorn
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When a parasite comes into contact with a potential host cell, two series of events may occur which lead to intracellular parasitism. First comes a recognition step which enables a suitable close association between both partners, and then comes the internalization of the organism within the host cell. The mechanisms of recognition are far from being entirely elucidated, as well as the ones by which entry occurs. Data have been obtained, however, which show that the different parasite groups have evolved different strategies toward these goals.

A major question when dealing with host cell invasion by a pathogen is to decide whether this one actively enters a cell or whether it is engulfed by the process called phagocytosis. The matter is rather clear with those parasites which force their way through the plasma membrane of the host cell or fuse their membrane with it; it is more confusing when internalization occurs within a parasitophorous vacuole, the membrane of...


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