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Bioprinting on Chip

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Encyclopedia of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics
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Biochip printing; Cell array; DNA array; Microarray fabrication; Protein array


Bioprinting on chip concerns the fabrication of the so-called microarrays or biochips. It comprises the deposition of a multitude of fluidic or dissolved biological agents onto solid substrates with subsequent coupling, i.e., fixation, of the organic molecules on the substrate surface. The biological substances are arranged as hundreds to hundreds of thousands of small chemical reaction areas, the so-called spots, in a predetermined spatial order (ranging from the hundreds of micrometer down to the sub-micrometer range) to provide a 2D array. Bioprinting on chip involves printing techniques, microarrayers, and criteria that comply with the requirements for high-quality microarray fabrication.


Generally, microarrays can be regarded as highly parallel sensors used in biomedical applications, chemical sciences, life sciences, or drug discovery for studying a multitude of complex...

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