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Acoustic-Based Biosensors

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Encyclopedia of Microfluidics and Nanofluidics


Acoustic waves; CMUTs; Medical imaging


A biosensor is defined as an analytical device that uses a biological recognition system to target molecules or macromolecules. Biosensors use a physiochemical transducer to convert the signal from the bio-recognition system into a detectable signal [1]. Biosensors consist of three components: (1) the detector, which identifies the stimulus; (2) the transducer, which converts this stimulus to an output; and (3) the output system, which involves amplification and display of the output in an appropriate format [1].

Piezoelectricity is a phenomenon displayed in certain crystals, such as quartz and Rochelle salt, where mechanical stress induces voltage generation and vice versa.


There is an increasing demand for small, reliable, disposable, and inexpensive sensors in industrial, medical, and a variety of other science and engineering fields. Sensors are one of the fastest growing markets, with annual growth of about 18 %....

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