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Quantum Chaos

  • Giulio Casati
  • Tomaž Prosen
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Definition of the Subject

As it is now widely recognized, classical dynamical chaos has been one of the major scientific breakthroughs of the past century. Quantum chaos, sometimes called Quantum chaology, studies the manifestations of chaotic motion and related dynamical phenomena in quantum mechanics (Haake 2001; Stöckmann 1999).

More abstractly, one may define as quantum chaos those phenomena of simple quantum systems which can be described statistically and exhibit some universal (i.e., system independent) features. By the term simple we mean here that the system can be specified by a finite set of parameters or, generally, can be described by a finite amount of information. So we can fundamentally distinguish the phenomena of quantum chaos from similar dynamical phenomena in disordered systems – specified in terms of random parameters and which therefore contain infinite amount of information in an appropriate (say thermodynamic) limit.

The universal statistical properties of...


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