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Semi-analytical Methods for Solving the KdV and mKdV Equations

  • Doğan Kaya
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Adomian decomposition method, homotopy analysis method, homotopy perturbation method, and variational perturbation method

These are some of the semi-analytical/numerical methods for solving Ordinary Differential Equation (in short ODE) or Partial Differential Equation (in short PDE) in literature. – Exact solution A solution to a problem that contains the entire physics and mathematics of a problem, as opposed to one that is approximate, perturbative, closed, etc. – Korteweg-de Vries equation The classical nonlinear equations of interest usually admit for the existence of a special type of the traveling wave solutions, which are either solitary waves or solitons. – Modified Korteweg-de Vries This equation is a modified form of the classical KdV equation in the nonlinear term. – Soliton This concept can be regarded as solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations.

Definition of the Subject

In this study, some semi-analytical/numerical methods are applied to solve the...

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