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Encyclopedia of Biometrics

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Anti-spoofing: Fingerprint (Fake Fingers)


Cut finger problem; Dead finger detection; Fake finger detection; Gummy bear finger; Latex finger; Liveness detection; Liveness detection


Fingerprint fake detection is used to identify a fake finger, such as a cast made of latex. By extension, it also includes tests to detect a cut finger or dead finger, or a latent print remaining on a sensor after usage.


In “Diamonds are forever” (1971) [1], James Bond took the identity of Peter Frank with a thin layer of latex glued on his fingertip to spoof Tiffany Case’s camera. James was using a simple fake finger, but the situation can be worse. With automated fingerprint recognition systems becoming more widely used, concerns over fingerprint fake detection have increased. In March 2005, a team of carjackers in Subang Jaya in Malaysia chopped off part of the owner’s left index finger, when they realized that his S-Class Mercedes Benz had a security feature which would immobilize the car without his fingerprint. Even ...

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