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2014 Edition
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Product Life Cycle Management

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Product life cycle management aims to structure, design, plan, and develop company and business activities based on the guiding principal of sustainable development and a life cycle perspective. Targets are the minimization of costs and optimization of revenues, the minimization of environmental impacts, as well as the minimization of risks taking into account all stages of a product life cycle – from raw material extraction, manufacturing, distribution, and use until redistribution and recycling (Westkämper et al. 2000; Niemann 2003; Saur et al. 2003; Seliger 2004; Herrmann and Bergmann 2009; Herrmann 2010).

Theory and Application


Political and social awareness regarding national and global challenges forces manufacturing industries to transfer the vision of sustainable development into their business strategy and operations (Westkämper et al. 2000; Seliger 2004). The incorporation of sustainability...

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