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2014 Edition
| Editors: The International Academy for Production Engineering, Luc Laperrière, Gunther Reinhart

In-Process Inspection

  • Guido Tosello
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The set of hardware, software, procedures, and activities that are integrated in the manufacturing system in order to provide measurements of dimensional characteristics of manufactured products and tools during the manufacturing process.

Theory and Application

In general, the main goal of inspection is to ensure the functionality of workpieces, products, and testing devices and thus ensuring economical aspects. Inspection allows the measurements of dimensional characteristics of components and the comparison of the results of those measurements with the product specifications (ISO 2011a).  Metrology (ISO 1994) is employed as the inspection process for experimentally obtaining information about the magnitude of a quantity. Such information gained from measurements will provide specific knowledge on actual parameters of the inspected manufacturing system and product.

In particular, whenever an inspection system is an integral part of the manufacturing system (including its...

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