CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering

2014 Edition
| Editors: The International Academy for Production Engineering, Luc Laperrière, Gunther Reinhart


  • Sotiris Makris
  • Nikolaos Papakostas
  • George Chryssolouris
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A measure of manufacturing system or process output per unit of input, over a specific period of time, used as a metric of the production and the engineering efficiency.

Theory and Application


The productivity measurement has always been an important aspect for organizations. This measurement may partially track the progress of an organization in terms of performance over a long period of time and may provide useful indications about whether the objectives of the organization have been met or not. It may also lead to practical suggestions about what changes are required for increasing the efficiency of an organization.

Productivity has been used as a metric for comparing the performance of nations and companies, as well as of industrial and commercial sectors.

Productivity Measures

For over two centuries, productivity, as a term related to efficiency, has been used in many different scientific and...

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