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2014 Edition
| Editors: The International Academy for Production Engineering, Luc Laperrière, Gunther Reinhart


  • Burak Sencer
  • Chinedum Okwudire
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Control is the theory that deals with the dynamic behavior of systems with inputs and outputs. In production engineering, control theory has been heavily applied in machines – especially in computerized numerical control (CNC) machine tools. In the basic principle, the external input to the system is called the reference. In production, it is usually selected as the desired position to be followed. The objective of control is to manipulate one or more variables of the system over a certain time such that the desired states, e.g., the outputs of the system, can follow the external reference input (trajectory). In CNC machine tools, the internal variable is the motor torque/force that can be manipulated so that the actual position can follow the external reference.

Theory and Application

This entry presents feed drive control systems used in modern CNC machine tools. Considering the rigid body motion of the feed...

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