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 Chemical machining;  CHM – generic term for the entire family of chemical machining processes including chemical milling of pockets or cavities (Bellows 1977);  PCMphotochemical machining, also commonly known as photoetching, photomilling, photochemical milling, photofabrication, and chemical blanking (Allen 1986);  Photochemical machining


Chambers English Dictionary defines:
  • Etching as “the act or art of etching or engraving: the impression from an etched plate”

  • To etch as “to design on metal, glass etc. by eating out the lines with an acid; to eat away, corrode”

The above definition of etching, applied to the arts, is confusing, however, as it refers to the different techniques of etching and engraving (Chamberlain 1972) as one and the same process!

In terms of a production engineering process (Allen 2004), etching is better defined as: a material removal process by accelerated, controlled corrosion, comprising a heterogeneous chemical reaction in which a...

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