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Design Methodology

  • Eric Lutters
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In order to adequately address the definition of “Design Methodology,” the relation with a number of other definitions is important. From generic to more specific, these definitions are:
  • Design Model: A simplified and abstract view of the development process.

  • Design Methodology: The way in which design methods are used in the context of the organization, the project, the product, all stakeholders, and all other aspects that influence the development cycle.

  • Design Method: A model that employs a series of steps to prescribe the development process.

  • Design Tool: An instrument that enables performing a certain process within the overall development process.

These definitions are indeed subjective, and many variants can be found in literature. There is no unequivocal and generally accepted definition of “Design Methodology” available.

Theory and Application

Design Theory and Methodology

The field of Design Theory and Methodology (DTM) is a rich collection of findings and...

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