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Decision Making

  • Winnie Dankers
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Decision making is the act or process of consideration and deciding, resulting in a conclusion or resolution especially as to future action.

Decision making arises from the need to select the best possible course of action (or a set of optimized actions) from a set of alternatives (Jain and Lim 2009). Exploration and development of alternatives is typically an integral part of the decision-making process. Often times this is not a separate step but is intertwined in an iterative decision analysis cycle (Donndelinger et al. 2009).

Theory and Application

Of all the activities that a person might undertake during a day, it is discussable what actions are the results of decision making. At least not all actions are subjectively perceived as the result of decision making; actions (or inactions) that are not considered or that are an automatic response to a situation are generally not perceived to be the result of decisions. Therefore, the key...

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