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CIRP Encyclopedia of Production Engineering

pp 72-76


Axiomatic Design

  • Sang-Gook KimAffiliated withMechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Email author 


A design framework built upon the two design axioms for good decision-making during the mapping between “what we want (function requirements),” and “how we can achieve them (design parameters).”

Axiomatic Design Terminology


Self-evident truth or fundamental truth for which there are no counterexamples or exceptions. An axiom cannot be derived from other laws or principles of nature.

Functional Requirements (FRs)

A minimum set of independent requirements that completely characterize the needs of the product in the functional domain.


Bounds on acceptable solutions. Constraints are requirements, which may look like FRs but are not independent.

Design Parameters (DPs)

Key variables in the physical domain that characterize the design that satisfies the specific FRs.

Process Variables (PVs)

Key variables in the process domain that characterizes the process that can generate the specific DPs.

Theory and Application


Axiomatic design w ...

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