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2014 Edition
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  • Eduardo Weingärtner
  • Konrad Wegener
  • Mohammad Rabiey
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The term dressing refers to different processes used to prepare and regenerate the macro and micro geometry of grinding wheels.

Theory and Application


Dressing has to be applied, since grinding wheels are subjected to mechanical, thermal, and chemical loads during grinding, which lead to wear. Radial and edge wear has to be compensated and grain protrusion is to be generated to ensure the grinding capability of the grinding wheels. Dressing is classified in subtasks profiling, respectively truing, and sharpening (Spur 1989). Profiling is used to obtain the macro geometry, i.e., the dimensions and shape of the grinding wheel. It is also used for structuring vitrified or resin bonded grinding wheels, aiming to enhance the cutting condition of each abrasive grain and reduce heat generation. Sharpening is necessary for generating the grinding wheel micro geometry, in which worn grains are removed or partially broken and new...

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