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2014 Edition
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Assembly Representation

  • Joerg FrankeEmail author
  • Klaus Feldmann
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A visual representation supplementing the assembly instruction, which shows the structure of the product to be assembled. It shows the chronology and logical sequence of the necessary assembly tasks which leads to the final product.

Theory and Application

There are several ways to visualize the assembly operations sequence and to describe process and machine parameters as well as instructions for manual assembly. The VDI Guidelines (VDI 2860) specify several basic symbols which represent elementary assembly steps and which can be used to describe complex assembly processes. The illustration of assembly steps in the so-called  virtual reality (VR) and  augmented reality (AR) or by Digital MockUp (DMU) bases upon image sequences of the hierarchically structured  computer-aided design(CAD) data. At this, a fully automatic determination of the assembly order is possible by the analysis of configuration space and the derivation of an optimal strategy or by disassembling a...
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