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Mass Spectrometry: Mapping Large Stable Protein Complexes

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Encyclopedia of Biophysics
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Characterizing protein–protein interactions; Mass spectrometry; Protein quaternary structure; Protein–Protein Interactions


Large, stable protein complexes are assemblies of two or more polypeptide chains, linked by specific noncovalent protein–protein interactions, which are stable on a biologically relevant timescale.

Mapping protein complexes is the process of determining noncovalent binding interactions and quaternary structure of protein subunits in a multiprotein assembly.


The large majority of cellular processes are carried out by a sophisticated network of protein machinery. Knowledge of these molecular interactions is vital to understanding and controlling the biological processes of the cell. Therefore, closely connected to the study of protein function is the analysis of protein structure and identification of binding partners (Waksman 2005). In many contexts this is described as “mapping protein complexes,” which currently forms a...

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