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2012 Edition
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Abscess, Epidural

  • Parita Bhuva
  • Barnett R. NathanEmail author
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Spinal epidural abscess (SEA) is a suppurative collection in the space surrounding the spinal cord located between the dura mater and the vertebral periosteum.

Spinal epidural infections are rare with an incidence of 0.2–2 cases per 10,000 hospital admissions. Most cases of SEA occur in patients aged 30–60 years. The most common risk factors for SEA are diabetes mellitus, followed by trauma, intravenous drug abuse, and alcoholism.


Spinal epidural abscess is a neurosurgical emergency due to the potential for rapid deterioration to severe spinal cord dysfunction. The goal of surgery is immediate decompression and drainage. Posterior epidural abscesses are usually treated with decompressive laminectomy followed by irrigation through extradural drains for several days. In cases of anterior SEAs, anterior decompression is usually performed along with a partial or complete anterior or anterolateral...

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