(827) Wolfiana

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Discovered 1916 Aug. 29 by J. Palisa at Vienna.

Named in honor of Max {Franz Josef Cornelius} Wolf (1863–1932), professor of astronomy at the University of Heidelberg and founder and director of the Königstuhl Observatory. Wolf discovered several novae, comets and hundreds of minor planets. The original citation for this planet and  (828) is published in AN 211, 441 (1920): “Den Planeten 827 widme ich meinem Freunde Wolf, dem Begründer der photographischen Entdeckungsmethode Kleiner Planeten; den Planeten 828 widme ich Herrn Lindemann, dem uneigennützigen und großherzigen Förderer astronomischer Forschung.” (H82)

Wolf is also honored by a lunar crater and by planet  (1217).

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