(9904) Mauratombelli

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1997 OC1. Discovered 1997 July 29 by A. Boattini and L. Tesi at San Marcello Pistoiese.

Named in honor of Maura Tombelli (1952– ). Initially trained as an observer of variable stars, in 1994 she started a five-year survey of minor planets at Asiago {see planet  (7679)} Astrophysical Observatory with Ulisse Munari {see planet  (7599)} and Giuseppe Forti in Arcetri {see planets  (6876) and  (6645)}. She also shared a lot of observing with the discoverers, especially the follow-up of NEOs, and she contributed to the discovery of 1994 QC, the first NEA found from Italy. She is currently involved in a project to build a new observatory near the town of Montelupo, where she lives. She is still the only female astrometrist in Italy. (M 34632)

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