Discovered 1911 Oct. 21 by J. Palisa at Vienna.

Named in honor of the wife of the Hamburg astronomer Richard Schorr {see planet  (1235)}. (H 73)

The planet was named at the occasion of the 24th meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Hamburg in 1913 (AN 196, 139 (1913)). Turner noted in Observatory, Vol. 36, No. 466, p. 414 (1913): “Before the end of the meeting we had another christening of a planet: Prof. Palisa announced the name “Amanda”. It is difficult for us who have not yet seen the planet to judge of the suitability of the celestial application: but Prof. Palisa was kind enough to give us a terrestrial parallel, the suitability of which was recognized with hearty applause.”

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