(692) Hippodamia

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Discovered 1901 Nov. 5 by M. F. Wolf at Heidelberg.

Named for a daughter of Oenomaus, king of Pisa, wife of Pelops and mother of Atreus and Thyestes. She bribed Myrtilus, her father’s charioteer, to remove a spoke from the royal chariot wheels so that Pelops could win her. Oenomaus had already defeated and killed 13 other suitors whom he had challenged to chariot races. After killing Oenomaus, Pelops murdered Myrtilus. These murders were primal sins, all paid for later by the many troubles of the house of Atreus. (Z 128)

The naming might be influenced by the two letters of the provisional designation 1901 HD. See also the remarks to planet  (579). The planet was rediscovered by A. Kopff at the 1910 apparition.

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