(652) Jubilatrix

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Discovered 1907 Nov. 4 by J. Palisa at Vienna.

This planet was named at the occasion of the 1908 meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft in Vienna (AN 179, 47 (1908)). It honors the 60th year reign jubilee of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph (1830–1916). (H 67)

Named by E. Weiss. A report on the meeting is published in Observatory, Vol. 31, p. 448 (1908): “The evening before the opening of the Congress a great number of foreign astronomers were present at the University Observatory at the formal unveiling of a bust of the Emperor Francis Joseph I. on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of his succession to the throne... Lastly, Prof. Palisa, of the Vienna Observatory, presented to the Assembly the new photographic celestial charts, publication of which had been undertaken by himself and Prof. Wolf... It seems that on these occasions it is customary to christen a small planet. This year, 1905 AU, discovered by Prof. Palisa, was named Jubilatrix, in honour of the Jubilee of the Emperor...”

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