(64) Angelina

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Discovered 1861 Mar. 4 by E. W. Tempel at Marseilles.

Named in remembrance of the astronomical station of Baron F. X. von Zach (1754–1832) {see planet  (999)} at Notre-Dame-des-Anges on the mountain of Mimet near Marseilles, hermitage and convent of the Pères de l’Oratoire. The aim of von Zach’s observations was to determine the plumb deviation caused by mountains. He published his results in his monumental work L’ attraction des montagnes (Avignon, 1814). Zach travelled extensively in his early life, promoted international cooperation, was active as editor of an astronomical publication, and helped organize the search for the missing planet between Mars and Jupiter. (H 10)

Named by B. Valz.

A storm of protest raised by Herschel, Airy and Argelander arose over the naming of this planet. The discoverer stated in AN 71, 96 (1868): “Der Planet, welcher von Herrn Valz ... Angelina getauft wurde und Anfechtungen erhielt, wäre durch Weglassung des letzten ‘n’ classisch mythologisch geworden und hätte gewiss beide Theile befriedigt.”

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