(617) Patroclus

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Discovered 1906 Oct. 17 by A. Kopff at Heidelberg.

Named for the Greek hero and friend of Achilles slain by Hector (see also planets  (588) and  (624)) at the Trojan War. (H 65)

Name suggested (AN 175, 191 (1907)) by J. Palisa.

The L5-Trojan Patroclus is the first known binary among the Trojans. The discovery of S/2001 (617) 1 on 2001 September 22 was made by W. J. Merline, L. M. Close, N. Siegler and D. Potter with the 8.1-m Gemini North Telescope on Mauna Kea (IAUC 7741).

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