(5930) Zhiganov

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1975 VW2. Discovered 1975 Nov. 2 by T. M. Smirnova at Nauchnyj.

Named in memory of Nazib Gayazovich Zhiganov (1911–1988), outstanding Soviet Tatar composer and public figure, founder of the Tatarian professional musical school. Zhiganov was the organizer and chairman of the Composers Union of Tatarstan during 1939–1976, as well as of the Kazan State Conservatory from 1945 until his death. His most significant musical compositions are the opera Dzhalil, the ballet Two legends, and his Second, Seventh and Ninth symphonies, in which he combined classical musical traditions with Tatar folk melodies. (M 25978)

Name suggested by the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy.

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