(5456) Merman

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1979 HH3. Discovered 1979 Apr. 25 by N. S. Chernykh at Nauchnyj.

Named in honor of Grigorij (Hirsh) Aronovich Merman (1921– ), staff member of the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy from 1951 to 1985. Merman has obtained important results in different areas of celestial mechanics. His work on the three-body problem involved the construction of a rigorous theory of capture, establishment of criteria for the feasibility of various types of end motions and derivation of a general solution in the form of a convergent series of polynomials. He also investigated the stability of canonical equations and estimated the remainders of the infinite series used in celestial mechanics. (M 29145)

Name proposed by the discoverer following a suggestion by the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy.

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