(488) Kreusa

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Discovered 1902 June 26 by M. F. Wolf and L. Carnera at Heidelberg.

The name Kreusa exists in some variations in Greek mythology: (1) Kreusa (also Glauke, see planet  (288)) was the daughter of Creon, king of Corinth. (2) Kreusa is one of the Nereides or, respectively, one of the Danaides. (3) She was the daughter of Priam by Hecuba and the wife of Aeneas {see planets  (884),  (108), and  (1172), respectively}. (4) Kreusa was the daughter of Erechtheus, king of Athens, and mother of Janus by Apollo {see planet  (1862)}. Some accounts say she was the mother of Ion by Apollo. She deserted her son Ion but when she later married Xuthus she was reunited with Ion. Apollodorus and Pausanias say Ion was the son of Xuthus by Kreusa. (Z 74)

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