(5007) Keay

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1990 UH2. Discovered 1990 Oct. 20 by R. H. McNaught at Siding Spring.

Named in honor of Colin Stewart Lindsay Keay (1930– ), past president of IAU Commission 22 and chairman of the IAU Working Group on the Prevention of Interplanetary Pollution, who has made several major contributions to our understanding of the meteoroidal flux to the earth. His well-controlled radar patrol from the University of Canterbury during 1960–65 in collaboration with Clifton Ellyett {see planet  (5378)} remains our best knowledge of the southern-hemisphere influx. Since 1965 Keay has worked at the University of Newcastle (N.S.W.), one of his most noteworthy achievements being the development of a physical theory for the production of electrophonic sounds by bright fireballs. (M 29144)

Name proposed by the discoverer following a suggestion by D. I. Steel, who prepared the citation, and an endorsement by B. G. Marsden.

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