(4777) Aksenov

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1976 SM2. Discovered 1976 Sept. 24 by N. S. Chernykh at Nauchnyj.

Named in memory of a well-known authority on celestial mechanics, Evgenij Petrovich Aksenov (1933–1995), director of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute in Moscow for many years. With Grebenikov and Demin {see planets  (4268) and  (5086), respectively}, he investigated and found a general solution for the generalized problem of two fixed centers, carrying out a qualitative investigation of all possible types of motion within the problem and considering their stability. He also developed an analytical theory for the motions of artificial satellites based on a non-Keplerian intermediate orbit, and he proved the existence of several new classes of periodic solutions within the circular restricted three-body problem. (M 29143)

Name suggested by the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy.

Obituary published in Astron. Rep., Vol. 39, No. 3, p. 382 (1995).

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