(4506) Hendrie

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1990 FJ. Discovered 1990 Mar. 24 by B. G. W. Manning at Stakenbridge.

Named in honor of Michael J. Hendrie, an English amateur with a longstanding interest in astronomy and skilled in the construction of his own instruments. Hendrie has constructed several observatories, most recently one housing a 0.25 m folded reflector for astrometric comet photography. A co-discoverer of periodic comet Crommelin in 1956, he began systematic comet photography in 1952, an interest that stimulated him to take an important role in promoting professional-amateur collaboration in Britain during the International Halley Watch. He served as director of the Comet Section of the British Astronomical Association for ten years. (M 17225)

Name proposed by the discoverer and endorsed by B. G. Marsden. Citation material provided by S. A. Mitton.

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