(4268) Grebenikov

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1972 TW3. Discovered 1972 Oct. 5 by T. M. Smirnova at Nauchnyj.

Named in honor of Evgenij Alexandrovich Grebenikov, head of the department in the Institute of Problems of Cybernetics in Moscow, well-known expert on analytical and celestial mechanics and on the qualitative theory of differential equations. In co-authorship with E. P. Aksenov and V. G. Demin {see planets  (4777) and  (5086), respectively}, he has investigated the problem of two fixed centers and found its general solution. He has proved a number of theorems substantiating the averaging method by Delaunay-Hill. In a series of studies he and his numerous pupils applied these results to the construction of precise theories of the motions of artificial earth satellites, natural satellites and minor planets. (M 19695)

Name proposed by the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, St. Petersburg.

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