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1940 WA. Discovered 1940 Nov. 24 by A. Patry at Nice.

Named in honor of the Société Astronomique de France, founded in 1887 by Camille Flammarion {see planet  (1021)} and acknowledged as being of public utility by the French government in 1897. The SAF has both professional and amateur astronomers as members, and its presidents have included Tisserand {see planet  (3663)}, Janssen, Poincaré, Danjon and

Lyot {see planets  (2021),  (1594), and  (2452) for the last three astronomers}. The society publishes the magazine L’Astronomie and the quarterly Observations et Travaux. The centenary of the SAF was celebrated by holding IAU Colloquium No. 98: Contributions of Amateur Astronomers to Astronomy. (M 22501)

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