(3416) Dorrit

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1931 VP. Discovered 1931 Nov. 8 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

Named in honor of Dorrit Hoffleit {1907– }, renowned authority on variable stars, director of the Maria Mitchell Observatory from 1957 to 1978, research astronomer at Harvard and later Yale. The summer research internship program she conducted at the M.M.O. provided training for more than 100 female students, many of whom subsequently became well-known astronomers. Her research at Harvard also included stellar spectra and meteors. Author of the third and fourth editions (1964, 1982) of the Yale Bright Star Catalogue, she was also in charge of the Yale astrometric zone work for several years. (M 11641)

Name proposed by B. G. Marsden, who found the identifications involving this planet. Citation prepared in collaboration with J. A. Mattei.

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