(3219) Komaki

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1934 CX. Discovered 1934 Feb. 4 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

Named in memory of Kojiro Komaki (1903–1969), director of the meteor section of the Oriental Astronomical Association from 1928 until 1969 and well known as a meteor observer and a leader of amateur astronomy in Japan. He established the Kii Astronomical Society (1943), the Japan Meteor Committee (1956) and the Japan Meteor Society (1968), and he was the director of these until his death. Together with his wife Sigeyo, he observed more than 30,000 meteors. He was a strong influence on many astronomers now active in Japan, including S. Nakano {see planet  (3431)}, who found the identifications involving this planet and proposed the name. (M 10046)

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