(3036) Krat

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1937 TO. Discovered 1937 Oct. 11 by G. N. Neujmin at Simeis.

Named in memory of Vladimir Alekseevich Krat (1911–1983), corresponding member of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences, a staff member of the Pulkovo Observatory and from 1964 to 1979 its director. His main contributions to astronomy involved solar physics and chromospheric structure, figures of equilibrium of close binaries, classification of eclipsing variables and cosmogony. He initiated and actively participated in the development of the first Soviet stratospheric balloon observatory. (M 10547)

Obituaries published in Zemlya Vselennaya, No. 6, p. 33–34 (1983); Sol. Phys., Vol. 89, No. 1, p. 1–2 (1983); Izv. Glav. Astron. Obs. Pulkovo, Astrometr. Astrofiz., No. 202, p. 3–5 (1984).

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