(3019) Kulin

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1940 AC. Discovered 1940 Jan. 7 by G. Kulin at Budapest.

Named in memory of György Kulin (1905–1989), staff astronomer at the Konkoly Observatory from 1935 to 1947. Internationally renowned for his discoveries of minor planets (19 of which have been numbered) with the Konkoly 0.60-m reflector, he also made accurate computations of their orbits. In Hungary he was known for encouraging the development of amateur astronomy: he made almost 7000 telescope mirrors, wrote dozens of books and hundreds of articles to popularize astronomy. The Hungarian “Flammarion” {see planet  (1021)}, he directed the Urania Observatory in Budapest from 1947 to 1975 and facilitated in many ways the publication of the Hungarian Astronomical Association’s magazine Meteor. (M 17465)

Name suggested by Attila Mizser and endorsed by E. Bowell and B. G. Marsden, who found the identifications involving this planet. The actual number of numbered planets amounts to 21.

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