(2702) Batrakov

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1978 SZ2. Discovered 1978 Sept. 26 by L. V. Zhuravleva at Nauchnyj.

Named in honor of Yurij Vasil’evich Batrakov {1926– }, deputy director of the Institute for Theoretical Astronomy, Leningrad, head of the Small Bodies of the Solar System Department and editor-in-chief of the annual Ehfemeridy Malykh Planet {see planet  (5001)}. Soon after joining ITA in 1955 he studied new classes of periodic solutions in celestial mechanics and application of the results to minor planets and the rings of Saturn. Beginning in 1958 he worked extensively on the orbits of artificial satellites, including the development, with V. F. Proskurin {see planet  (2372)}, of a widely-used analytical theory of their motions, the use of radio measurements and of synchronous observations, and he was the pioneer in the determination of the earth’s gravitational field from resonant satellites. He served as vice president of IAU Commission 20 during 1985–1988. (M 18304)

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