(2665) Schrutka

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1938 DW1. Discovered 1938 Feb. 24 by A. Bohrmann at Heidelberg.

Named in honor of the Austrian astronomer Guntram Schrutka von Rechtenstamm (1910–1995), who worked as professor of astronomy at Vienna University. In 1936 he became the first astronomer to derive the shape of minor planet  (433) Eros, assuming it to be a triaxial ellipsoid. Furthermore, Schrutka is an eminent computer of cometary orbits, and he worked extensively on the difficult cases of P/Tempel 1, P/Tempel-Swift and P/Westphal. His work on positions and heights of lunar formations is also well known. (M 20519; M 20542)

Name proposed and citation prepared by H. Haupt and L. D. Schmadel.

Obituary published in Mitt. Astron. Ges., Nr. 79, p. 9–10 (1996).

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