(2664) Everhart

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1934 RR. Discovered 1934 Sept. 7 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

Named in honor of Edgar Everhart {1920–1990}, since 1969 in the physics-astronomy department at the University of Denver and director of the Chamberlain Observatory. After an impressive career working on atomic cross-sections, he has made equally fundamental contributions to our knowledge of the distribution of comets and the evolution of cometary orbits, including the development of an efficient integration technique

for the purpose. Visual discoverer of comets 1964 IX and 1966 IV, he has more recently designed and constructed a measuring engine and used it in a highly successful program of photographic astrometry of comets. (M 8065)

Name proposed by B. G. Marsden, who found the identifications involving this planet.

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