(2637) Bobrovnikoff

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A919 SB. Discovered 1919 Sept. 22 by K. Reinmuth at Heidelberg.

Named in honor of Nicholas T. Bobrovnikoff, director of the Perkins Observatory from 1934 to 1951, who prepared an authoritative history of astronomy. Perhaps best known for his pioneering investigations on the effect of aperture size on the observed total magnitude of comets, he made an exhaustive investigation of the 1909–11 apparition of Halley’s Comet and prepared in manuscript form a comprehensive catalogue of physical observations of comets. His spectroscopic study showing differences in the surfaces of minor planets, published in 1929, has been cited as’ so far ahead of its time that it was overlooked’. (M 8064)

Following suggestions by D. D. Meisel and N. Sperling, the name was proposed by B. G. Marsden, who found the identifications involving this planet.

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